Treat Courier

Treat Courier

If you and your dog are anything like us, then there is nothing that you love more then the idea that a box of macarons would just show up at your door, completely unannounced and when you really need a polka dot shaped pastry pick-me-up.

As we choose not to use preservatives in our collection of treats, all of our edible items are available through our treat courier service. This service schedules deliveries of freshly baked treats, with as many and as often as you’d like.

+ We think that variety is of the utmost importance in your dog’s treat selection, we wouldn’t want to always have dessert in the form of military rations.

+ We can accommodate specific color preferences, alternating varieties, mixed boxes, additional items and specific requests. We even have greeting cards if you would like to send a box or two to one of your friends of your four-legged friend, let us know and we can write a personalized message!

+ You can move your delivery date to whenever and wherever suits you and your canine counterpart. We can send boxes of treats to your dog-sitter, your dog-walker, your office, your cottage, your hotel room, your concierge or your home. Skip one while you are vacationing, or move it to another day and time.
You always have the opportunity to cancel your standing order, or customize it further.

+ We are not a subscription service, or a box. We simply feel that your dog should be able to indulge in fresh baked goods, in the same manner that you would enjoy them the most. You can shop for individual items from our collections of handcrafted product and add them to your standing order.

+ Our courier customers have the privilege of sampling treats on the house that we’re just trying out and having the first look // option to purchase our newest products. Since everything that we do is artisan made in small batches, we often only have a few of each item available to us.

+ We keep track of you and your dog’s preferences, their allergies and sensitivities and the things you would love to see happen next.

+ Additionally, our treats are specially priced at a multiple delivery rate when purchased this way, but there is no need to pay upfront or for deliveries that you do not receive.

+ As always, shipping is a flat rate of $10 on all orders and is sent as an express two-day package. This minimizes unanticipated costs associated with shipping, and insures your delivery arrives at it’s best.