Are there washing instructions for your bandanas?

Bandanas should be washed separately in cool water with a gentle detergent. They can be machine dried on a low temperature setting. Care instructions will be provided in your package, as a reminder. Washing or drying at hotter temperatures may cause the fabric to transfer colour. Bandanas can currently be viewed through our social media channels and ordered directly from us. Updated and ongoing stock will be listed on the website as available.

Do you keep a stock of your treats on hand?

All of our treats are made-to-order, we do not keep a stock on hand unless attending a pop-up event. To uphold the particularity in our choice of fine ingredients and insure your dog experiences them in the same way, your cookies will be prepared within the 48 hours prior to being shipped.

How do you achieve the colouring of your treats?

Food dye in trace amounts is not typically detrimental to your dog’s health and our products involve both the use of human grade synthetic dye and Chocolate Craft Studio’s natural and vegan colouring. Based out of Portland, Oregon their vegetable derived colours observe minimalism conveyed through ingredients and are a choice product of Parisian Master Pastry Chef Pierre Herm├ęs in his book “Macarons”. All vegetables from which colours are extracted are dog-friendly, and the amount of food colouring used in a batch of sixty vibrant macarons is smaller then the tip of a toothpick.

My dog has a sensitivity to wheat or corn, can they still eat your treats?

Yes, however at this time only our macarons and noted seasonal menu items are wheat free. All of our cookies are corn free, and made with La Milanaise flours from Quebec or Bob’s Red Mill flour and are organic, GMO free, and unbleached. We currently incorporate both their white rice flour and unbleached pastry flour into our recipes and throughout the baking process.

Do your treats need to be refrigerated?

We do not ship our treats as refrigerated product, however it is recommended that treats are stored in a cool and low humidity environment (preferably refrigerated) to prevent icing from potentially melting and maintain their edibility for longer. Many dogs enjoy our product at a refrigerated temperature.

How long is the shelf life of your treats?

We suggest that treats be eaten within two to three weeks of receipt, to be at their best. As we do not include any preservatives of any kind, we ask that you consider our treats to be similar in nature to fresh bread. We include honey and cinnamon which act as natural preservatives in the majority of our product, however due to the delicacy of our collection shelf life may vary based on the climate and conditions in which you store your treats. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Do you have a storefront location?

Currently, we do not have a brick and mortar storefront space. We do participate in pop-up events wherever possible and these details can be found on our blog or through our social media channels.

Do you accept custom or special orders?

Our cookies may be special ordered in batches with a minimum quantity of 6. To request a specific shape or colouring outside of those currently included in our collections, please contact us for availability. All custom orders will be billed in accordance with our current pricing as listed on our online boutique. Collaborating and customizing is one of the things that we enjoy the very most, please let us know your ideas.