Things About Us

Things About Us

Our collections of treats are a sampling of contemporary decadence and design found in minimalist recipes and handmade-to-order preparation. We bake in small, finely detailed batches, catering to your four legged friend’s delicate sense of taste. From printed bandana bindles filled with fortune cookies, to boxes of macarons and a seasonal menu of individual treats and accessories, all are served in our modern pâtisserie style. Your dog, after all, is a true connoisseur of delicious things and we should only outdo ourselves.

Stick & Brindle is based out of Aurora, Ontario Canada.
Our current team members:

Tamara Arnew — Opening Stick & Brindle in 2015 was the outcome of an education in fashion business, a résumé of retail management and entrepreneurial business experiences, the writing of a fine food blog, a trip to Paris and an undying love of dogs which she professes frequently. You can speak with her directly, at [email protected]

Nick Link — Nick always has an idea, is formally educated in graphic design and advertising as well as media communications, and works professionally in photography for fashion. Nick is of the opinion that all dogs dislike him on a personal level, but the opposite has always been true.

Our ingredients lists and recipes are structured around the idea of minimalism and locality. As a small company, our standards of quality are first and foremost in all that we do. To uphold and surpass these expectations, we have sought out farmers and food vendors whose expertise lends to ingredients that are indulgent and discerning.

Our collection of treats maintain being meat, corn and by-product free to safeguard against spoiling and avoid recognized allergens (particularly in chicken and preservatives). Our product line is suitable for dogs following a vegetarian diet. Ingredients will always be listed, in order of weight. You can find this ingredient listing on the packaging included with your product. Our icing is wheat free, soy free, preservative free, and without added sugar or hydrogenated fats.

Design is an integral component of our company philosophy and is what we aspire to. We are committed to integrating functional and intentional design into all elements of conducting business. In the smallest details, we see the potential for refinement and continuous revision to create a product line that is collaborative, epicurean and distinctive. In developing our processes we continue to grow our resources within a community of Makers, involving and attributing their work wherever possible.