Everything You Should Know about Cleaning Waterproof Dog Bed

Everything You Should Know about Cleaning Waterproof Dog Bed

If you have a doggo in your house, we think you need to know about waterproof dog beds. It’s always better to keep your dog dry and clean all the time to stay healthy. Your dog might be out in the rain, rolling in thick snow or come back from a swim during summer, then excitedly jumping right on his bed without you knowing. And no one wants to clean up these kinds of mess.

That’s when a waterproof dog bed comes into absolutely handy. Come on it. Let’s get to know clearly about the waterproof dog bed and so much more!


What is a Waterproof Dog Bed?

As you can pick up most information from its name, it’s basically a water-resistant bed for dogs. They are either made of waterproof lining or have a waterproof base to catch every drip. One is to keep water or any form of liquid from soaking into the padding, while the second form of the waterproof dog bed is to prevent water from leaking out from the bed. Some other dog beds might come with covers to make it best for camping or outdoors. You can check out our list of the best dog beds currently here.

These dog beds will keep your furry friends comfortable and avoid going smelly and building up bacteria. It also provides better warmth to your dog as the bed never gets damp. And one huge advantage we know you’d love about these waterproof dog beds is that they can be clean with ease. No-fuss, no mess, just a few minutes, and it’s all fresh. Are you seeking for better options? We think not.

How to clean a Waterproof Dog Bed properly?

Whether you’re having a tiny chihuahua or a huge Golden Retriever, these steps will help you clean their bed in just minutes. But first, we will classify these beds as 3 kinds: the small, medium, and large bed. Different sizes of dog beds need a bit different cleaning techniques, and we will show you right below!

For small-medium size waterproof dog bed

If these beds have a fleece cover, remove them, put it in the washing machine, and let it do the magic for you. Then it’s time to vacuum clean the lining to remove excess dirt and hair left on the inside of the bed. A waterproof dog bed is much easier to clean than normal ones since it doesn’t absorb liquid and has dirt stains.
And if your dog bed size is available to fit in the washing machine, throw them in and don’t have to worry about it anymore.

For large (even extra-large)

With these huge cushions, it’s impossible to machine-wash them. But like we’ve just said, it’s still effortless. Just take them out and spray all over the bed with hot and lightly soapy water. You can use any soap, but don’t use bleach at all. Spray all over the dirty spot on the bed, use your water hose to clean all the soaps, vacuum them off the bed, and then be all clear to go.

Another small tip with a waterproof dog bed is cleaning them every week to stay away from odor. You can also use a little bit of dog-safety spray after cleaning to make it all fresh. And if you have a standard dog bed, we sincerely recommend changing into water-resistant ones. We guarantee a life-changing experience to you and your furry buddy. But keep in mind that even with a waterproof dog bed, you should still pay some attention to clean them properly.

4 Things you should know before choosing a waterproof dog bed

Before jumping into buying a waterproof dog bed, you’ll need to know more about some of its details. These are the basic info that will help you choose the right one for your little dog. Let’sLet’s see what they are.

Bed type

Before figuring out anything else, you’ll need to know more about the variety of options you can provide you with.
Bagel Bed: Just like its name, this bed kind of shaped like a bagel. But instead of a hole in the middle, there is a flat, comfortable mattress. This shape will keep your dog warm and joyful throughout the night. This bed type is just perfect for small to medium size dog.

Pillow bed: It’sIt’s just flat and has the shape of a pillow, mostly has a rectangle shape, but sometimes you can come up with round ones as well. These are basic, casual, and nothing really stands out about this type.
Orthopedic bed: This is the most go-to bed type when it comes to a dog bed. They provide better support, stress relief, and also has an extra thick cushion. It’s much more abundant than the two kinds we have just mentioned and will be perfect for any dog.

Burrowing bed: This bed acts just like a burrito, where your dog can sleep warmly and peacefully. The top of the bed works like a blanket that gently hugs around your furry buddy.


Another huge concern for any dog owners is the bed’s material.
Support foam: This is the most common material for a pet’s bed. They’reThey’re stress-relief, comfortable, and supportive enough for your dog. With this material, it’s affordable for most dog owners.
Memory foam: This is the golden material for any mattress. Quite a bit pricey, but it will provide extra comfort and incredible support to your dog. There is nothing better than using this particular material for your dog bed.
Polyfiber: These are straight-forward bean bags material. We only suggest using this for smaller dogs since they won’t provide enough support for large ones.

Size and weight

This is one of the essential features that you should keep an eye on. The size and weight of these waterproof dog beds must be large enough to hold up and give great support to your dog. It’d rather be a little bit larger than too small.

Room space

This is not a bed’s feature, but it’s a thing you should consider before buying. Where to place them, how much space you have, and how much space your dog needs, those are all things you need to check up on before purchasing to make sure everything fits together.