Everything You Should Know about Cleaning Waterproof Dog Bed

If you have a doggo in your house, we think you need to know about waterproof dog beds. It’s always better to keep your dog dry and clean all the time to stay healthy. Your dog might be out in the rain, rolling in thick snow or come back from a swim during summer, then excitedly jumping right on his bed without you knowing. And no one wants to clean up these kinds of mess.

That’s when a waterproof dog bed comes into absolutely handy. Come on it. Let’s get to know clearly about the waterproof dog bed and so much more!


What is a Waterproof Dog Bed?

As you can pick up most information from its name, it’s basically a water-resistant bed for dogs. They are either made of waterproof lining or have a waterproof base to catch every drip. One is to keep water or any form of liquid from soaking into the padding, while the second form of the waterproof dog bed is to prevent water from leaking out from the bed. Some other dog beds might come with covers to make it best for camping or outdoors. You can check out our list of the best dog beds currently here.


Most Essential Travel Accessories for Dog

Every trip needs a little bit more preparation. And for a stress-free road trip with your furry friends, you must have these essential travel accessories for dogs. This list is not just a must-cop item for your pups, but also a series of vital tips and how-tos for your incredible trip!


In this article, we will figure out the reasons why you should have travel accessories for dogs. Next, it’s time to get down for the top 7 items for an epic trip with your pets. Have you been prepared yet? Let’s dive in!

Why Do You Need Travel Accessories For Dogs?

People always said the dog is one’s best friend, and why not give them the best experience we could? Their love for us is unconditionally, and we should love them as much. We know you love taking road trips and traveling with your furry pals, and to give your dog the most comfort, there are many accessories that you can have a look at.


Step-by-step Guide on Choosing the Best Waterproof Dog Collars

How to choose the best – most durable and nice looking waterproof dog collar for your little pals? This is the ultimate walk-through, so you can now spoil your doggo with the best accessories.

Dog collars are vital as you can easily use them to walk your buddy, add necessary info in case of lost, and last but not least, it shall look good on your dog. Today, we will walk you through the best ways to choose right waterproof dog collars, why you should have these items and the easiest way to maintain these collars. Come on in, and there is plenty to see!


Why Should You Use Waterproof Dog Collars Instead?

You might think that regular dog collars are good enough, why do you need to have waterproof dog collars, right? Are we making it up, or it’s actually better? But let us show you.

Even if you’re living in a wet and humid area or beautiful sunny place, water-resistant dog collars are still incredibly vital.


Twelve Fortune Cookies

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Oh Bonjour, a Blog

Hullo, hey, hi. As you might have guessed from our last post on Instagram, we have a lot of accumulating excitement for what’s to come next for Stick & Brindle (Pg.71 of my issue of Toronto Life is dog eared, because you can find us in the corner!) Part of which involves some baking I’ve been doing with a moody yet delightful sous chef who has rose to the occasion without complaint. The other part involves some new whereabouts that we can’t announce yet, but we promise that you will be seeing more of us, and more often, in a staying in mostly one spot sort of way (fingers crossed)

Easter Bunny Egg Hunt

For dogs, of course. What you will need:24 Plastic Snap Egg Containers1 Apple1 Carrot1/8 C. Dehydrated Apple Pieces1 Sweet Potato ChewSome ribbonScissorsObstacles of your choosing such as pails, felt baskets, etc. If you can play outdoors, even better!Can be played by 1 or more dogs, multiple times. 1. Purchase some plastic snap egg containers like these ones which you can find at the dollar store, your grocery store or a party packaging store. We used a package of 24 for our hunt but you can certainly use more or less depending on if you have multiple dogs participating as well as how large your area to set up in is


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